Insulated Roofing Sheets

Cardinal Steels offers three types of insulated roofing, including composite panels, twin skin, and over-cladding. The insulated roof sheets are ideal for new projects and renovations throughout the commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

With the roofing sheets combined with the high-performing insulation, the interior space of any building retains more warmth. By reducing the amount of heat lost through the roof, it is possible to make worthwhile savings on your fuel bill or operational budget. On hot days during the summer, the insulated roof works to keep heat out, maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature inside and reducing air conditioning costs.

The smart coated finish of the insulated roofing sheets provides excellent protection from snow and rain and transforms exterior aesthetics. Older buildings gain a modern and professional appearance, bringing them in line with new structures and the surrounding area. 

We coat the top surface of our insulated roofing with plastisol to give it the most durable finish, with greater resistance to scratching during unloading and fitting. To aid installation, we offer a wide range of fixings designed for different structures and materials. We offer customer collection and nationwide delivery with manufacturer prices giving you or your business a fantastic deal.


Insulated Roofing Manufactured For Purpose

Our insulated roofing and insulated cladding are manufactured for purpose and include:

Composite Panels – These insulated roofing sheets have fantastic thermal performance and fire rating. Like all steel roofing products, you enjoy a low-maintenance roofing system. Cardinal’s composite panels have a straightforward lapping detail, and the insulated roofing system is slightly heavier, giving extra durability that proves very popular with most cladding contractors. All sheets are manufactured to length and are available in our full range of colours. The under sheet is a bright white steel internal liner. Additional colours are available but may delay lead time. In between the two steel skins is a core of insulation available in several thicknesses dependent on the U-value that is required for the building. Composite panels can be manufactured up to 15,000mm in length or cut back to customer specifications. The standard thicknesses are 40mm / 60mm / 80mm / 100mm / 120mm. Please speak to a member of staff for lead times. Roof lights available in single, double, and triple skin.

Twin Skin / Built-Up System – This system is an amazingly simple and cost-effective way of creating an insulated roof. The insulated roof panel is made up of several components; white liner inner sheet, spacer bar/mini zed purlin, insulation, and a box profile 0.7mm outer sheet. Depending on the U-value you require, the depth of the spacer bar and thickness of the insulation can be altered. Like the composite panels, you can choose the colour of your outer sheet, while the inner sheet is usually a white gloss finish. The lead time on this product is normally short and the money saved on materials warrants purchasing this product. Some contractors prefer this method due to less heavy lifting compared to using composite panels.

Over Cladding – This is the most cost-effective way of Insulating a building and utilises the existing roof. You simply batten the roof with steel or timber (normally 3 x 2). The battens are fixed down through the existing roof into the purlins/beams, and then the insulation is laid. The top sheet, in a colour of your choice, is fixed down to the battens or rails. This saves costs all round by removing the cost of stripping and disposing of the existing roof. Over cladding can be used simply to improve the look of an aged building.

Benefits Of Insulated Roofing

Our insulated roofing makes the whole roofing process simple. You insulate and roof in one step, saving time and money with an aesthetically pleasing roof that will last for decades.

Colours Available

Please view our colour chart but please be aware that all colour representations on the page are intended to be used as a general guide and indication. Cardinal Steels always recommends requesting a sample that a member of staff will be more than happy to send in the post.