General Questions

What is the coverage of each sheet after I have fitted them?

– Our CS 32/1000 Box Profile Sheet is 1000mm cover ie 10 sheets will cover exactly 10 meters in length. However our 3” Corrugated is 990mm cover so please ask a member of staff to confirm sheet quantities if need.

How much do I overlap?

Traditionally our roofing products are overlapped by one profile. This is on both the Box Profile and 3” Corrugated. They can be overlapped another profile but this means that more sheets will be required to cover the area.

Where do I fix?

The 32/1000 Box Profile is fixed on the flat of the sheet known as the trough. Normally through the middle between the two ribs. The 3” Corrugated differs by being fixed through the top of the curvature. It is recommended that stitchers are used on the overlapping edge.

Is there a minimum/maximum length sheet?

There is not a minimum length sheet however the maximum length that Cardinal Steels is able to handle and deliver is 10 meters. Longer lengths are available but not recommended and would be on a collection basis only. GRP rooflights maximum length is 7.35m/24ft.

Is there a minimum order?
No job too big, no order too small.
How are materials unloaded?
If there is not off-loading facilities the sheets must be carefully unloaded by hand. Our drivers are helpful and more than willing to help.
Can I collect?
We are always happy for customers to collect and meet our staff. However being delivered is always preferred if the materials are to be hand balled into vehicles. Hand balling can normally lead to scratches and damage to the products coating.
How easy are the materials to handle?

When handling the roofing sheets always used gloves. Sheets can come very sharp. Always try to lift one sheet at a time for weight reasons also. All our flashings come with welted edges as standard to help with this.

Can I get a sample?

We recommend with all first orders from us that a colour sample is sent by post. The biggest problem in the roofing and cladding industry is colour matching from different mill and countries of origin. Our online colour chart is as close as we can digitally get but please ask a member of staff for any required colours.

What if I scratch the coating?
Cardinal do offer a touch up paint. This paint is a as close to the selected colour as we can get but can dry a slightly different shade. We would always recommend the plastisol coated as this coating is a lot more durable than the polyester a less susceptible to scratches.
Do you offer an installation service?
We don’t offer an in house installation service however we do have recommended installers across the UK mainland at had to price for you.

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