• Fast Turnaround
  • Strong and durable
  • Custom cut up to 6.1m lengths


Glass Reinforced Plastic Roofing

Cardinal Steels helps you bring light into your building with GPR (Glass Reinforced Plastic) roof lights. The material is incredibly strong and durable, initially developed in the Second World War for planes, meeting safety standards and making it ideal for roofing.

Unlike many other materials, GRP can be moulded into almost any shape. This means our roof lights are incredibly versatile and are available with a box profile roofing sheets or corrugated roofing sheets, matching the form of our box profile roof sheets and corrugated roof sheets. We also have roof lights in other shapes, such as Big 6 (Big Six), which was generally the profile used for roofing made from asbestos.

GRP Roofing That Allows The Natural Light In

The roof lights are a fantastic alternative to having a complete steel roof, which blocks out all natural light. This often results in a building that feels cold and dark, requiring lots of electricity to illuminate the space.

Natural light floods your agricultural building, factory, or warehouse with our GRP roof lights, reducing your electricity costs and reliance on artificial light. If you are looking to save money long-term or run a more sustainable operation, then GRP roof lights are an excellent choice. 

Custom Made GRP Roof Lights

Our custom-made glass-reinforced plastic roof lights are made to the highest standards and are available in lengths up to 6.1m long. They can be produced to precisely match the size of our insulated and steel roofing sheets.

Cardinal’s roof lights are weatherproof, have high impact resistance, and have a film layer applied to them to enhance UV protection. The protective film helps stop UV damage such as discolouring or yellowing and helps extend the product’s life expectancy to its max.

Roof Light Specifications

CS32/1000 Box Profile Roof Light – Specs

CS34/1000 Box Profile Roof Light – Specs

13.5 / 3 Corrugated Roof Light – Specs

Big 6 Corrugated Roof Light – Specs

Double 6M Corrugated Roof Light – Specs