• Reduces dampness & drips
  • Prevents damage
  • Affordable & effective solution
  • Adds an extra layer of protection


Anti-Condensation Roofing

Cardinal Steels supplies high-quality roof sheets coated with an anti-condensation membrane. This can reduce dampness and drips that can damage stock, equipment, and machinery within a warehouse or factory environment. Anti-condensation roofing sheets are the best solution for almost any building where a single-skin roofing system is to be installed.

Our anti drip roofing sheets are used in many different settings. From storage facilities to garages, aircraft hangers, stables, kennels, shelters, industrial buildings, and livestock buildings. Furthermore, we manufacture anti-drip roofing sheets to your precise requirements, offering the perfect solution at an affordable price for small and large roofing projects.

Dripstop Anti Condensation Coating
Cardinal Steels Anti Condensation Application Process

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Anti-drip Roofing Sheets

Box profile roofing sheets with dripstop anti-condensation membranes are the most effective and cost-efficient way of preventing moisture build-up. Moisture condensing on the underside of uninsulated metal roofing is caused when the temperature and humidity conditions reach the dew point.

The anti drip roofing sheets have a membrane on the underside of the roof sheets provides an additional layer of protection. It works by trapping moisture in specially formed pockets in the membrane. The moisture is kept in these pockets until conditions drop back past the dew point. As a result, the condensed water and moisture are then slowly released back into the air. The condensation control process remains effective for the duration of its lifespan.

The self-adhesive membrane is applied to the steel roof sheets through a roll-forming line process. The dripstop membrane is available with either Polyester or PVC Plastisol finished sheeting.

The material has high water absorption and is bacteria-resistant. It can be cleaned, if necessary, with a hose or a high-pressure jet washer and also offers additional acoustic insulation reducing noise created on the steel, such as heavy rainfall.

Anti condensation roof sheets are a tried and tested product that is clean, efficient, and practical. To enquire further about our steel roofing solutions or to place an order, please contact our support team today.