• Reduces dampness & drips
  • Prevents damage
  • Affordable & effective solution
  • Adds an extra layer of protection


Eliminate Moisture Buildup with Anti Condensation Roof Sheets

Discover the ultimate solution in combatting moisture and condensation in residential and commercial buildings with Cardinal Steels’ cutting-edge anti-condensation roofing sheets. It’s no secret just how damaging moisture buildup can be, which is why we have developed our specialised roofing sheets which have been engineered to reduce condensation, minimise the risk of mould and prevent structural damage caused by prolonged exposure to damp conditions.

Our anti-drip roofing sheets not only feature a moisture-resistant anti-condensation material layer but also come in a range of different colours and finishes that ensures functionality that won’t compromise on architectural style. Upgrade your roofing solutions today with our anti-condensation sheets and experience the difference firsthand.

Online Calculator

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Anti Drip Roofing Sheets Calculator

Utilise our online calculator to receive a complimentary quote for your anti condensation roof sheets. Simply input your roof type (apex or single slope) and your roof measurements. Next, select your preferred roof profile and finish – our options include Galvanised, Polyester and Plastisol.

Choose your desired colour and select any additional extras you wish to include such as GRP roof lights, roof flashings, fixings and more. Follow our straightforward, step-by-step guide to begin building your quote today!



What are Anti Drip Roofing Sheets?

Your roof should be your physical barrier between you and the outside world. Anti drip roofing sheets fulfil this desire by strengthening our standard box profile roofing sheets with a layer of anti-condensation material, providing a simple yet cost-effective barrier to moisture build-up within your roof structure. Without this material, moisture from rain and condensation will buildup and slowly exploit further structural weaknesses until your building is physically weak and overrun with mould.

Our anti drip roofing sheets are used in a variety of different settings including storage facilities to garages, aircraft hangers, stables, kennels, shelters, industrial buildings, and livestock buildings. Our anti condensation roofing sheets are manufacturer completely to suit your precise requirements, offering the perfect solution at an affordable price for small and large roofing projects.

How Dripstop Roofing Sheets Work

To ensure maximum moisture-resistance, our dripstop roofing sheets feature a specialised anti condensation membrane layer which actively manages condensation. The membrane is placed on the underside of the roofing sheet where it traps moisture in specially formed pockets within the fabric. This prevents the actual roof structure from becoming oversaturated with moisture, as it is instead slowly released back into the air.

Anti condensation roof sheets are a tried and tested product that is clean, efficient, and practical. To enquire further about our steel roofing solutions or to place an order, please contact our support team today.

Cardinal Steels Anti Condensation Application Process
Dripstop Anti Condensation Coating