Z Purlins and Sections Supplier

Cardinal Steels offer a selection of purlins available in the form of both Z purlins and C section. There are a various thicknesses and depths. The thickness and depth are judged by the span the purlin/section is covering combined with the weight capacity. 

The depths of purlins and sections we have to offer are: 

  • CS 121 
  • CS 140 
  • CS 177 
  • CS 200 
  • CS 235 
  • CS 265 

The purlins and sections are available in the following thicknesses: 

  • 1.4mm 
  • 1.6mm 
  • 1.8mm 
  • 2.0mm 
  • 2.5mm 


Z Purlins and Sections in Stock 

When contacting one of our members of staff, please use the figures and codes to specify your requirements i.e. if you require a 177mm depth with a 1.6mm thickness please use the code CS17716. 

We offer Eves Beams as standard 190mm Deep with a 2.0mm thickness. These available cut to length like all other items. Please use reference CS19020 when asking for quotations or purchasing. 

We keep various lengths and depths of Z Purlin and C Section in stock. As standard up to 6.100m lengths and in 177mm and 200mm, ideal for use with our corrugated panels or box profile sheets. 

For more info on Z Purlins, C Sections, Eves Beams and all other accessories available from our range please see our downloadable brochure with all relevant span and load tables. 

Download the Purlin Brochure