How To Quote To Win A Roofing Job Without Dropping Your Prices

Aug 6, 2021 | Advice

Every job you quote for takes time, from dealing with the client to estimating your costs and making your calculations. Because you are investing your time, you want to make sure you win that contract to supply and install steel roofing sheets. But, how do you put the odds in your favour without dropping your prices?

Here we look at five tips that will help you win jobs without dropping your price.

Research The Client

Researching the client is a great first step in getting an accurate quote to them in a short amount of time. If you can get an idea of their requirements, you will be better prepared to answer questions and demonstrate benefits that would interest them. You might, for example, want to demonstrate your expertise by showing previous work of a similar style and standard. Knowing the cost and profits for past work you have completed also boosts your preparedness.

Not only should you research your client, but you should listen more than you talk to ensure you fully understand their steel roofing sheet requirements. By listening more, you also build trust by letting the client know that they have been properly heard and understood.

Don’t Undersell Yourself

It is crucial to know your prices for materials and time, or you run the risk of underselling yourself. Knowing your labour charges, product prices, and markup will help you quote quickly and accurately, ensuring a profit for you or your company at the end of the day.

If you fall into the trap of underselling your installation services and steel roofing sheets as a tactic to win business, then you could be giving the impression that you are too cheap to be any good.

Be Clear On What You Can Offer

Whether you are selling or installing our steel, box profile rooting sheets, corrugated roofing sheets, anti-condensation, or insulated roofing sheets, you should be clear on what you can offer and be able to convey the features and benefits of these fantastic products.

You will want to highlight anything that adds value to your service and hence justifies your price. The longevity of steel roofing sheets is one example, but it could be that you can start work straight away, offer a complete service, so the client only has one contractor to deal with or a guarantee that all dirt, debris, and rubbish will be removed at the end of the project.

Response Time

While you must be accurate in your workings and paperwork, getting a quote to your client as soon as possible is hugely advantageous. The longer it takes to get a price to your potential client, the more time they have to become frustrated with what they deem to be poor service and venture elsewhere for another quote.

If you are too slow in your response times, then you could not only lose this client but others if they complain online or on social media.

If the customer has asked for quotes from multiple tradespeople, then getting back to them first is a good demonstration of the excellent service you offer, which many customers are willing to pay more for.

Follow Up

Once you have delivered your quote, it is essential to follow up with your client. Firstly, you want to ensure that the customer has received your quote, especially if it has been delivered by email or online messaging service.

Furthermore, if you don’t win the job of installing steel roofing sheets, you need to know why. It may not be the case that your quote was too expensive, which is an assumption that will lead to giving cheaper quotes and ultimately making less profit,

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