The Impact Of Climate Change On The Roofing Industry

Jan 18, 2022 | Advice

Often when looking at roofing topics and recent changes within the industry we focus on new developments and products being launched. Yet, one topic often missed is the effect of changes on our existing roofs. Over recent years and since COP26, climate change has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Many industries are trying to reduce their impact and develop their sustainability plans. However, scientists believe that UK properties aren’t adequate to endure future climate changes.

Climate Change

According to the Met Office climate change refers to a “large-scale, long-term shift in the planet’s weather patterns and average temperatures”. Since the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1800s, humans have burnt fossil fuels. Burning coal, oil, and gas produces energy and releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous monoxide into the air. All of which creates a layer over the planet which traps heat from the sun and causes the earth to heat up.

Extreme Weather

Climate change has resulted in some severe weather changes over the years. From nationwide flooding, harsh storms, and the highest heatwaves seen. According to the Environment Agency, more extreme weather is predicted including “summer temperatures up to 7.4˚C hotter and 59% more rainfall by 2050” in addition to, “34% chance of rainfall breaking a regional record somewhere in the UK every winter”.

Severe weather elements create their own challenges within the roofing industry. Strong winds, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and snow all impact a person’s roof and truly test how weatherproof it is. Additionally, with high winds and storms roofs often come in contact with airborne debris that they usually wouldn’t. Often extreme weather results in some common damage to the most vulnerable roofs such as flat roof leaking and missing roof tiles. In addition to, further problems such as algae growth, expanding cracks, and tough working conditions for roofers. All of which results in a reduced lifespan and increased deterioration.

Increased temperatures

As temperatures increase across the world, our roofs are facing challenges broader than normal within the UK. This can often lead to some serious repercussions for instance condensation levels and expansion, contraction and shrinking rates of the materials used. All of which can lead to warping and overall structural damage.

Cardinal Steels

As UK roofs are being tested it is vital the roofing industry keep up with the demand for high-quality resistant roofing. We can’t predict the future or the UK weather, but we can ensure your roofing sheets are of high quality and delivered on time. Cardinal Steels supplies roofing sheets for a range of industries for instance industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural.

Our steel has been tested to stand the test of time no matter what and offers a 30-year quality guarantee on all of our coatings. Whether you need box profile roofing sheets, corrugated roofing sheets, galvanised roof sheets, or general metal roof sheets we have the solution. All of our products are manufactured to order in a range of thicknesses, colours, and finishes. Contact our friendly team today for advice and guidance from start to finish.

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