Steel roofing is growing in popularity as a roofing product for residential homes, offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, and agricultural buildings. Roofing contractors love working with the product, which is facilitated by having the right steel roofing tools for the job.

Whether you have 20 years of experience or are working with steel roofing sheets for the first time, a few tools costing very little will help you complete the project with ease and efficiency. You will find it very straightforward to capitalise on the versatility of the product, creating different looks with sheets that are easily adaptable to any roof shape and design.

Metal Snips

Steel roofing sheets are significantly stronger and more robust and hence last longer than inferior solutions such as asphalt shingles. This extra strength means that a Stanley knife is useless when it comes to cutting and trimming.

Your selection of tools must include metal cutting snips. The metal snips allow you to cut and trim the steel roofing sheets to the right length and tackle projects with angles or even curves. For the best results, you should buy three metal snips; one designed for right-hand cuts, another for left-hand cuts, and a final pair for straight cuts.

If you are tackling extremely large projects, then you can upgrade your tool belt to include electric swivel head metal shears. If you are working with curved cuts or need to cut across corrugated roof sheets, then a nibbler attachment for your drill is invaluable.

Although not recommended by most roofing sheet manufacturers, handheld grinders and circular saws will cut the panels. However, while they are quick to use, they are abrasive and encourage corrosion at the place of the cut.

Hand Seamer

The next essential item to include in your tool kit is a hand seamer. The hand seamer lets you make clean bends in the metal sheet, which is vital for ensuring a flush fit across the ridges and hips of the roof. A hand seamer is one of those steel roofing tools that you will use for lots of different tasks, where it is essential not to mark or scratch the surface.

Impact Driver

An impact driver makes quick work of forcing fasteners (TEK screws) through the tough steel metal roofing sheets. This steel roofing tool uses concussive force and rotation to push the fasteners through dense materials, giving significantly more torque than a screwdriver. A cordless impact driver is easiest to handle and safer, with no electric cable trailing across the roof while you and your team are working at height.

With the correct steel roofing tools at hand, your project will be easier and quicker to complete, and produce the perfect visual and functional result.