What makes a good roofing company?

Nov 15, 2021 | Advice

Every property owner needs a sturdy, trustworthy roof they can count on protecting them, their staff, and their contents. Although, the time spent looking at your roof is minimal, the cost of taking it for granted can be huge. Every roofing project will differ in cost, when a roof starts leaking of having other issues it can be very tempting to act on impulse to get it fixed as soon as possible. Often leading to you choosing the first contractor who stands out without going to the trouble of doing some research on the company. It is recommended that you contact at least three qualified roofers to gain accurate quotes. However, finding the best roofing professional can be a challenge.

License and Insurance

This is arguable one of the first things you should look for when hiring a roofing company. Whether local or national all roofing contractors have to by law have a certain level of credentials and protections in place. A licensed roofer should be aware of the best practises and building codes they need to follow. Insurance such as public liability, tools, employers’ liability cover, and contract works insurance, all to protect the customer, themselves, and their staff.

Any property owner can ask for copies of these for validation purposes. If someone or something gets damaged during work and your company doesn’t have the right documents in place you as the property owner could incur costs. Furthermore, there should be documentation that is signed and agreed upon before the start of construction, such as dates, job details and pricing.


Poor installation and repairs is often the number one cause of any roofing problems. Hiring a roofing contractor with experience is vital. A property owner should check the number of years’ experience a company has been operating for. Additionally, the materials used often come from another company who have manufactured the material, so finding this information could also provide you with further information.

Good communication skills

Having your roof repaired or altered in any way is a huge task and investment for the property owner, potentially not making the building safe to be in. Therefore, a company should keep the owner updated of the progress of the project and be transparent and honest. Furthermore, they should offer opportunities for questions to be asked and be able to provide a factual response. Lastly, they should provide contact details for when not on site.

Reviews & references

Looking at the reviews of a manufacturer can tell a person a lot about a company. Furthermore, companies are often more than happy to offer references and testimonials of their previous work. Looking at these can help establish the professionalism, reliability, and the quality of their work.


Roofing projects can be expensive; therefore, a good roofing company often offer warranties on the workmanship and material they have used. If a company offers a certain number of warranty years for their material and work, they clearly believe in it, often working as reassurance for a property owner. A top quality roofing company will ensure they use the best quality materials.

Cardinal Steels

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