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Jan 11, 2024 | Advice

In a recent study, local authorities in UK have been ranked according to their average house prices this year. Remarkably, two out of the top five most affordable places to purchase a house are nestled within the vibrant surroundings of Lancashire. In the face of constant inflation rises, securing a mortgage offer that is both affordable and reasonable has become an increasingly challenging task especially for first-time buyers. This difficulty has led to many individuals either postponing their plans of moving out altogether or resorting to renting. This further highlights the pressing need for accessible housing solutions.

Responding to this ongoing change, here at the leading roof sheet manufacturer Cardinal Steels, in collaboration with our digital marketing agency, we have created this comprehensive report. Which evaluates and ranks recent data from various areas across the UK based on the average house prices. Our aim is to shine a light on the best and worst areas for buying a property. Therefore, providing prospective homebuyers and investors with valuable insights into navigating the ever-changing housing market.

Top 5 Cheapest Areas To Buy A House


1.      Burnley – £101,820

Nestled in the heart of Lancashire, Burnley claims the top spot as the best area to buy a house, boasting an impressively affordable average house price of £101,820 this year. Burnley’s housing market stands out with a remarkable margin of over £20,000 compared to the second-ranking area, making it an even more enticing area for prospective homebuyers.


2.      Hyndburn – £123,237

Another good area in the Lancashire region is the town of Hyndburn which secures its place on the list with an average house price of £123,237.  This not only reinforces the town’s appeal but also reflects a proactive response to the evolving dynamics of the housing market.


3.     Hartlepool – £123,710

The seaside and port town Hartlepool, situated in County Durham, emerges as the third most affordable area to buy a house, boasting an average price of £123,710. This is considerably lower than other areas, reinforcing Hartlepool’s resilience as an affordable housing option within England.


4.   Durham – £125,367

Venturing beyond Lancashire, County Durham secures its place as one of the cheapest areas in England to purchase a house, presenting an average price of £125,367. The region’s consistent affordability positions it as an attractive destination for potential homebuyers.


5.      Inverclyde – £125,836

Finishing off the top five of the most budget-friendly areas, Inverclyde, in Scotland, presents an enticing average house price of £125,836. Therefore, showing Inverclyde’s commitment to maintaining affordable housing in this ever-evolving real estate landscape.


Top 20 Areas With The Cheapest Average House Prices

Local Authority House Price (January 2024)
Burnley £100,820
Hyndburn £123,237
Hartlepool £123,710
County Durham £125,367
Inverclyde £125,836
East Ayrshire £128,549
City of Kingston upon Hull £130,908
North Ayrshire £130,943
Pendle £132,538
Blackpool £132,545
Stoke-on-Trent £135,253
Sunderland £135,666
Middlesbrough £135,894
Blaenau Gwent £136,283
West Dunbartonshire £136,668
City of Aberdeen £137,146
North Lanarkshire £138,557
Blackburn with Darwen £140,557
Merthyr Tydfil £144,376
City of Dundee £145,523


Top 20 Areas With The Highest Average House Prices

Local authority House Price (January 2024)
Kensington and Chelsea £1,197,249
City of Westminster £936,715
Camden £797,248
Richmond upon Thames £747,929
Hammersmith and Fulham £724,641
City of London £715,466
Elmbridge £675,946
Islington £659,560
Wandsworth £612,612
Hackney £597,973
Haringey £579,451
Barnet £579,029
Merton £566,968
Mole Valley £565,217
Three Rivers £557,757
St Albans £553,806
Windsor and Maidenhead £541,718
Kingston upon Thames £541,019
Brent £532,273
Epsom and Ewell £531,321


  • The recent data around the average house price in each area of the UK was taken from the HM Land Registry from the Office for National Statistics.
  • From this data we worked out the averages for the local authorities from January 2024.
  • After working out all the averages, we then ranked all the areas based on their house prices.

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