Exploring The Differences & Applications Of 32/1000 Vs 34/1000 Metal Roofing Sheets

Jun 22, 2023 | Advice

Roofing sheets are essential components in construction projects, providing protection against the elements and enhancing the overall aesthetics of buildings. When it comes to choosing the right box profile roofing sheet, various factors need to be considered, including thickness, durability, and application suitability. Box profile roofing sheets provide enhanced structural support as a contemporary alternative to conventional corrugated roofing sheets. This article delves into the differences and applications of two common metal roofing sheet options the 32/1000 and 34/1000.

Understanding Roofing Sheet Measurements

The measurements 32/1000 and 34/1000 refer to the thickness of the steel roofing sheet, typically measured in gauge or millimetres. The first number represents the gauge or thickness, while the second number denotes the width of the sheet in millimetres.

Thickness Comparison

  1. a) 32/1000 Roofing Sheets: These sheets have a thickness of 32 gauge or approximately 0.8 millimetres. They are relatively thinner and lighter compared to their counterpart.
  2. b) 34/1000 Roofing Sheets: With a thickness of 34 gauge or approximately 0.85 millimetres, these sheets are slightly thicker and heavier.

The standard thickness for all Cardinal Steels’ box profile sheets is 0.7 mm. However, all our metal roofing sheets are available with a 0.5 mm option when used for wall cladding.

Durability and Strength

  1. a) 32/1000 Roofing Sheets: Due to their thinner profile, 32/1000 sheets are generally suitable for projects that do not require heavy structural support. They are often used in residential buildings or structures where weight considerations are crucial.
  2. b) 34/1000 Roofing Sheets: The increased thickness of 34/1000 sheets provides additional strength and durability. These sheets are commonly employed in commercial and industrial applications, where enhanced load-bearing capabilities are necessary.

Renowned for their robustness and adaptability, box profile sheets stand out as one of the most resilient and versatile roofing options on the market. These sheets, comprised of tough steel and featuring sturdy box profile corrugations, provide exceptional durability and formidable protection against impact and corrosion.


  1. a) 32/1000 Roofing Sheets: These sheets are well-suited for residential roofing, garden sheds, carports, and other lightweight structures. Their lighter weight makes them easier to handle during installation.
  2. b) 34/1000 Roofing Sheets: Due to their superior strength, 34/1000 sheets find applications in commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, and structures requiring higher load capacities. They are capable of withstanding heavier loads, including snow accumulation and equipment installations.

Overall, the strength, durability, and adaptability of box profile roofing sheets make them a preferred choice across various industries and construction applications.


When deciding between 32/1000 and 34/1000 roofing sheets, several factors should be taken into account, including the location, building type, weather conditions, and intended use. It is advisable to consult with roofing experts or contractors to determine the most suitable option based on these factors.

Roofing Sheet Manufacturer

The choice between 32/1000 and 34/1000 roofing sheets depends on the specific requirements of a construction project. While 32/1000 sheets are lighter and typically used in residential applications, 34/1000 sheets offer greater strength and are commonly employed in commercial and industrial settings. Considering the intended use, load-bearing requirements, and durability expectations will help in making an informed decision regarding the most appropriate roofing sheet option.

Cardinal Steels offers rapid delivery within a seven-day turnaround for their box profile roofing sheets. These roofing sheets, including the CS 32/1000 and 34/1000 variants, come equipped with the option of an anti-condensation backing. You can opt for either single skin sheets or twin skin sheets integrated into a built-up system. Cardinal Steels also provides a diverse selection of coatings and colors, ensuring you have a spectrum of choices to match your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive range of ancillary roofing products or corrugated roofing sheets to complete your project. If you’re seeking more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cardinal Steels today.

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