Health & Safety Tips For Roofers

Feb 8, 2022 | Advice

When it comes to roofing, health and safety is paramount. Whilst working at a height can be critical. Roofers are often faced with larger risks that can result in death. Falls from a height are a serious issue within the construction industries, often involving ladders. Research has found that on average 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries are as a result of working from height, each year. Additionally, 24% of deaths and injuries were roofers. No matter what type of roof whether that be box profile sheets, metal cladding, or corrugated curved sheets. Cardinal Steels have outlined below the top tips and considerations to take when working in the roofing industry.

What Are The Risks?

There are a large number of safety hazards when it comes to roofing, which may lead to falls or accidents if not correctly addressed. These can include:

  • Falls hazards
  • Improper use of power tools
  • Ladder security and placement
  • Electricity such as power lines
  • Weather conditions
  • Hazardous substances such as asbestos
  • Poorly trained staff
  • Improper use of PPE

Safety Considerations For Roofers


It is essential to plan, no matter how long you envisage being on a roof. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 states you must organise and plan all roof work to ensure it is carried out safely. If this is new or you haven’t been on a roof in some time, it is important to refresh your knowledge with training. Working on a roof is highly dangerous even if this work is only for a short amount of time. Planning should also involve completing the appropriate assessments, hazard analysis, and having the appropriate PPE. A ‘method statement’ is often a common way to help manage work on roofs and communicate the precautions to those involved.

Risk Assessments

It is vital within the roofing industry especially to have the correct risk assessments in place. This involves identifying the risks and having processes in place to rectify the risks. A risk assessment will also highlight the equipment that is best to carry out the work and ways to avoid falls.

Appropriate PPE

PPE is important across a variety of industries, but it is essential it fits correctly. Within the roofing industry, equipment like harnesses, gloves, and helmets should fit properly to ensure they protect you as they should. These fittings could vary from job to job for instance your lifeline that connects the lanyard and rope grab to the harness and anchor point. Different jobs could mean different lengths, therefore having these precautions in place aid the safety of the person. Furthermore, the weather on the day of construction could also vary the PPE that is used. Roofers need to ensure they are prepared and have the correct PPE available for all conditions.

Proper Use of Ladders

One of the most common and deadliest pieces of equipment is ladders. When using these to gain access to a roof it is important that they are placed correctly. To place these correctly, they should be placed one foot away from the wall for every four feet of the length of the ladder.


A focussed mindset is equally important. Just because you or your employer has all the risks managed, you still need to remain vigilant. Keeping your mind and eyes on the job at hand is important to prevent slips and trips.

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