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Screw Alignment

Ensure flawless installation of Tek screws with these easy steps. First, align the sheets accurately to guarantee effective weatherproofing. Avoid the pitfalls of over or under-driving the screws, as this can compromise the tight seal provided by the washer.

To enhance weather resistance, take an extra step by covering each screw with a cap. This additional measure adds an extra layer of protection against the elements, ensuring a secure and durable installation. Follow these instructions closely to achieve optimal results and maintain the integrity of your project.

Screw Placement

Boost Stability: Nail It Right on Every Purlin! For both metal and wood purlins, make sure to fix a row of fasteners along each one. This simple step strengthens the connection, ensuring a sturdy structure. Follow this guide for a secure and long-lasting project.”

Picture-Perfect Fixing Guide

See the Recommended Placement! Install with confidence – aim for 4 screws per linear meter of roofing sheet for optimal security. When attaching flashings, follow our advice and use 10 fixings per 3m length. Your step-by-step to a sturdy structure!

Roof Fixing Screw Locations

Wall Fixing Screw Locations