Top Five Advantages Of Using Steel Roofing Sheets

Jul 9, 2021 | Advice

Steel roofing sheets are popular with homeowners and business owners due to their many advantages over alternative roofing products, such as tile, felt, or shingles. If you are already considering them or are coming across them for the first time, then it is well worth recognising the benefits when making a buying decision.

Here, we look at the top five advantages of using box profile roofing sheets, which are sure to make you a steel roofing convert.

1. Longevity

Steel roofing sheets will last for thirty, fifty, or seventy years, if not a hundred. This longevity compares extremely well against alternatives, such as asphalt roofs, which last for a minimum of 15-20 years.

They require very little maintenance and is corrosion resistant, so it will not rust or rot. The gauge or thickness of the corrugated roofing sheets determines their strength. To make sense of gauge numbers, it is essential to remember that the lower the number, the thicker the material.

Steel is also better for the environment than toxin and chemical-rich alternatives such as asphalt because it is recyclable.

2. Durability

Steel is extremely tough and hard-wearing, yet lightweight, reducing the stress on buildings and making installation quick, easy, and efficient. A high level of impact resistance is enjoyed, which is a significant advantage in heavy hail storms.

The top surface of the steel roofing sheets is coated with plastisol, which provides an extra-durable finish that is resistant to scratching, which is hugely beneficial during loading and unloading your order. Also, steel is non-flammable and fire-resistant, making it extra safe and ideal for homes and businesses.

3. Weather resistant

Fitted with a slope, water drains off the roof efficiently, sealing moisture outside. On the inside of the building, the dripstop roofing sheets, also known as anti-condensation roofing sheets, prevent water from accumulating and then dripping.

Steel roofs can cope with weather conditions, from high winds of over 100mph to snow, frost, and torrential rain. Lightning strikes disperse across the roof and safely into the ground, just as it does with other roof types. The smart coated finish not only transforms the exterior appearance but protects the steel from snow and rain.

4. Energy Efficient

Heat bounces off the surface of the steel roofing sheets, which means that during summer, the sun’s heat is reflected away from the building. In the winter, the heat created inside the building or home is reflected back, saving money on heating and air conditioning bills. The colour affects the degree of solar reflection, with lighter colours reflecting more heat.

Insulated steel roofing sheets are an excellent option for buildings used by people and incorporate highly effective insulating materials.

5. No Mould Or Mildew

Coated with a special protective chemical, our steel roofing sheets stop mould growth and mildew, preventing the health risks these can cause.

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